River View Baptist Church is a light in the darkness!  God has placed
us in this community as a witness to his love.  On March 15, 1891, a
group of residents in the High Grove area separated themselves from
the Cox's Creek Baptist Church.

The influence of God's work through River View Baptist Church
spread throughout the community and into the world.  Many lives have
been touched.  Beginning as a small group meeting in the High Grove
School House, River View increased to a membership, at one point in
her history, of more than 450.  Beyond this many others have felt the
influence of God through River View Baptist Church.  Family
members, friends and neighbors have felt God's touch.  Others
throughout the world have been reached by the prayers at River
View.  True history is said to be shown in changed lives.  If this is so,
then River View Baptist Church, with God's leading, has had a part in
true history.

With wood donated by Brother Will Grant, River View built her first
building.  When this was completed she had 54 members.  Another
time of building began in 1938 and ended in 1956 with the completion
of the educational building, in 2004 the new class rooms, offices,
conference room, kitchen and gym were dedicated.

River View Baptist Church has become what it is today in spite of
challenges.  She has faced a polio epidemic, several wars, a period of
"half-time preaching" and financially lean times, yet with God's help
she has overcome.

History traces the weaving together of people and events in an effort
to discover a pattern.  History reveals that the pattern of River View is
one of a warm, loving, family atmosphere.  Throughout her history she
given herself to missions and to the work of the denomination of the
local, state, and convention level.  She is witness to the lost, an
encouragement to the saved, and a supporter of God's work
wherever it may be found.  She is a light in the darkness.
May we, the members of River View Baptist Church, continue in this
pattern.  Let's allow our light to shine before all people that they may
see and be drawn unto the Father.
1850 Louisville Road
Cox's Creek, KY 40013

5.5 miles South of Mt.
Washington, KY
River View Baptist Church
A church that cares for you!